Thursday, March 11, 2010

Red Wagon

There has been a lot that has been going on since the last time I wrote. We went to the funeral service for the baby girl. Both Jeff and I agreed that we were overwhelmed with emotions as we saw these parents have to say goodbye to their youngest child. It was scary because now having Madison, those thoughts are always with us. It showed us how lucky we are to have already had almost eight months with our baby girl and how precious time really is. We definitely walked out of there with a whole new outlook on life. As of two days ago, we are watching their dog for a week while they get out of San Antonio for a while.

Maddie finally got to take a ride in her wagon outside. I put her little hat on her and buckled her in and we were on our way- to our backyard. :) She loves to be outside in the first place, but to take a ride in her wagon was a good treat for her. I have some pictures on my phone and a few videos, but I have to figure out how to get it on here. They are pretty adorable pictures. The dogs joined in on our walk and even gave her kisses at the same time. :) and of course I have a picture of that, too.

Maddie is doing better after her surgery. She rolled over today and stayed on her stomach a lot longer than she normally has been since her surgery. She is one happy little baby. She eats well, plays a lot, and talks so much more. Her facial expressions when she tries to "talk" or really high pitch scream is hilarious. Her faces make me laugh so much because she puts so much energy into it and you can tell that she is just so proud of her "talking" accomplishment. She is still going through the attachment disorder where I can't leave her side or out of her view or else. She screams at the top of her head and will get louder and more consistent until I am back in her view. It doesn't matter if I am trying to go to the bathroom, cooking dinner, or letting Katy in. It is an adventure for sure!

Jeff is doing great. He started school this past week, so he has been very busy with his school work and his current school for work. His routine is to get up about 6, leave for his school at 7, get home about 4:30 -5, eat, and work on his AMU school work. He gets into bed between 10:30-11 and does the same thing over again. So, needless to say, he doesn't have much time to do anything else. Next week, he'll go back to work and he'll get up at 4:15 or so and get home about 5, eat, homework and bed about 10:30-11.

I have attempted to go back to the gym. We will see how long that lasts :) The weather has been beautiful here. I have had the windows and doors open and letting the beautiful weather enter the house.

As I said previously, we are dog sitting at the moment. Lambeau is a German shepherd mix, as well. They are about the same size and both energetic, so it works out great! They chase and play outside all day with a few naps in between. They pass out at night and ready to go the next morning. Lambeau does have the tendency to bark when he hears something which would normally be good, but not when Madison is down for a nap. lol.

My birthday was a few days ago. Jeff and I had plans to go out to dinner and a movie. My friend kindly volunteered to watch Madison (more like told me that she was). Well something came up, so we went and grabbed Olive Garden to-go and came home in time for him to leave. I stayed home with Madison and watched movies. On my birthday, we went to Longhorns to eat. I should have a Benihana gift certificate coming in the mail for a free mail for my birthday month.

Well, I guess I better go. Until the next time, be safe and enjoy life..