Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Diaper Rash

has been my enemy for almost a week now and is taking its toll on Miss Maddie. I feel so bad for my little girl. She has to endure so much pain because of this. This is the first time that she has actually ever had diaper rash. So, being 13 months, I guess that isn't that bad. I am not for sure what gave her diarrhea that caused the diaper rash, but I am almost to the conclusion it was the white grape juice that she was given right before her ordeal. I was really excited because Jeff thought that since she really liked grapes, she would probably like white grape juice and it would be a juice that she would willingly drink. We got her a bottle-after checking all brands and checking sugar levels- and poured her some juice mixed with water. She LOVED it. I couldn't get it out of her hands. GREAT! We, finally, found her a juice that she will drink... now only if she would do that with her whole milk... She drank her whole sippy, so I thought I would go ahead and give her another half/half mixture.... didn't think anything would happen. White grape juice is supposed to be good for you.. The next day, she had diarrhea... and the next... and the next and so on. I have no clue as to why she got it.. Too much sugar? just too much juice? everything overall? or not even the juice and I am just completely missing the whole reason why she is having to go through this. I put cream on, put more cream on, gave her lots of water and it only got worse. Have I mentioned how hard/scary/emotional being a first time mommy is when you have no idea what your doing for the firsts of everything. I called the nurses advice line and she mentioned warm soapy water after each dirty diaper, vaseline or the butt paste and not cream, and let her soak in a warm water bath. Ok, I can do that... she didn't like any part of that. Screamed the entire time, tears strolling down her face, and her squirming trying to get away. Ugh! It is so hard to see my baby girl crying and in so much pain. Oh how I wish I had the power to take it away and make her happy again. The desitin paste worked for her. She was a happy camper once it was on. Not even a scream or move out of her. She was even trying to talk to me after that. THANK GOD! I am hoping that even though it's looking worse and places are raw, that it is on its way to getting better. She is in a great mood the rest of the day.

I am finally getting her to drink some whole milk... I actually have to trick her into drinking it though. How sad is that. I give her half formula and half whole milk. HEHE... she actually likes it and drinks it. I guess over time it will be less formula and more whole milk.

On another note with her, Maddie got a princess castle playhouse with a little tunnel that comes out of it. She really enjoys it. She will go in, go through the tunnel, smile and giggle at me, and go back in. Yesterday, Katy was at the end of the tunnel to great her and Maddie was being nice and tried to give her kisses... Imagine Maddie sticking her tongue out and moving it up and down( like a dog) and leaning in towards Katy's nose... mm yes, that is what was going on. Of course I stopped her.. only after she got kissed by Katy ( with Maddie's tongue still out) WONDERFUL! Sisterly love? lol This went on for a while and each time Maddie came out of the tunnel I would have to, once again, tell Maddie 'no' and Katy 'no', as well. Those two are so amused with each other and have so much love with each other. Maddie will try and play with Katy every chance she can and will even throw food down to Katy as she eats her meal.

Maddie is walking great! I can not believe how well she has progressed in such short time. She walks around with no problems at all. She even bends down and picks up heavy objects and carries them to the couch, so they are at her level when she is standing. She even runs at times. She is truly a miracle. She almost always has a smile on her face and is a bundle of joy. She has made a lot of friends here and plays so well with them. It is nice to have her around other kids since it's only her at home.

I have decided that I am going to start working out, along with eating healthy ( as much as I can anyway with my strict diet from the doctor), to lose the rest of my baby weight.. YES, I still have baby weight from 13 months ago. I know... Jeff seems to think that it will come off in no time.. I think that I am stuck with the weight and it has no plans to go anywhere. I have been pretty good about exercising. Not as good as I could be, but it's been really busy lately with Maddie not feeling good and torrential down pour makes it hard to go running outside. We will see... I hope it comes off within decent time.

So, my friend has inspired me to be " the mom who can do it all" . : ) I had a moment where all I wanted to do was to find new cupcake and muffin recipes and bake them. Jeff's office at work got to be my guinea pigs. Before that, and still now, is scrapbooking. I have a lot of catching up to do, so I guess that's a good thing. My newest thing is to learn how to sew... Yes, I don't know how to sew. But, on the bright side, I am taking a sewing class soon which I am very excited about. I already have things that I want to make when I know how to. I think I want to take up kickboxing once I get into a little better shape. In between that all, I found new dinner recipes that I have been trying. Overall, it has been a lot of fun. I just need Jeff to rescue my pictures from my broken laptop so I can do some more scrap booking. Oh and Jeff thinks that he is going to get me to run in a 3K in a couple of months when I am a little more prepared for it. We will see about that.

Jeff has been busy with work. He is working on paperwork to start classes back up. He has PT more often now, so he goes to bed early to get up early for that and work. Good thing is that he is usually home around 1 for the day. He takes a little power nap and plays with Maddie until I give him a honey do list. :)

It seems like we always have something going on and something to do. Life is a lot more crazy now that we have Maddie and a whole lot more work with a walking baby. Although, I wouldn't change a single moment in it.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Up Late Again...

So, it's 12:13 AM and once again I can't sleep. Thanks to my mom who passed the thinking when it's bed time gene.

I had my other test done a few days ago. It didn't go as well as I had planned. Since my other test came back fine, I was hoping for pretty much the same result. Before I got my second test done, my GI doctor was talking to me and was telling me that everything looked great. He didn't see any problems and that my medication would need to be adjusted. I had my test done and when I woke up, Jeff told me that he found the area that I have been having problems with. He was actually surprised when he came across it because the other test showed no sign of a problem. He said that as much as he didn't want to do this, I will eventually need surgery. He temporarily fixed the issue, but when the problem resorts back, it will be time to have another surgery. Being a Crohn's patient and already having one surgery under my belt, I wasn't really surprised. I was warned that I would eventually need at least one more surgery within my lifetime. Unfortunately, my doctor couldn't tell me how long the temporary fix will last. He said it could be two weeks or two months. It really depends on my body. So, until that point comes along, I am on quite a few meds and on a restricted diet. I am kind of have mixed emotions about it. I mean, why should I be on all sorts of meds and a restricted diet when I know that I will have to have surgery. Why shouldn't I just have it now and get it over with. No need to worry about one more thing than I need to, right? On the other hand, the sooner I do get the surgery, the sooner I will probably have to get another surgery. I don't want to get more surgeries than I need to within my lifetime. So, as much as I hate being on my really restricted diet, I guess I will just wait around until it's time.

Still on the topic of me having my procedure done, as some of you might have read on my facebook, I got on Facebook while still under anesthetics at home. I had no recollection of ever making a status post of "It's over. Yayyy! " I was warned not do get online, facebook, buy anything, or drive while I was recovering from it. So, I had a few comments wondering what was over. I was clueless to what they were talking about until I got to my status. Mmmmm go me! Jeff laughed at me and rubbed it in my face that he had warned me. I guess I was pretty annoying after my procedure. Jeff informed me that I asked SEVERAL times what the conclusion was, if I was still on a restricted diet, and what the doctor told him. As soon as he would explain, I would fall back asleep immediately. I do remember waking up one time after jolting and Jeff and the nurse who was taking my IV out started to laugh at me. Once I finally woke up and could stay awake long enough to get an answer out of Jeff, he told me how I behaved. LOL oh well.. He can't hold anything against me. It wasn't my fault.

Madison went to daycare that day since I was obviously not well enough to care for her myself. She went into the pre-toddler room. She had a lot of fun. Jeff said she was the only one who was still crawling. That afternoon she came out walking 5-6 steps instead of 3. I guess that room is good for her. She is more driven to walk instead of crawl there. Hopefully, she will continue to take more and more steps.

She is doing great! She has been kind of cranky the past few days, but I think she was a little dehydrated yesterday. This whole transitioning her from formula to whole milk isn't going so great! She simply won't drink her whole milk. She would much rather drink her water and when I do give her a bottle full of formula, she gulps it down. Teething might have played part today. She was such a cuddler yesterday. I actually got to rock her to sleep yesterday as she snuggled in my arms with her bunny blanket (AKA her security blanket). I love my little cuddle bug. She grows up so fast and hardly ever wants to be rocked to sleep anymore. She rarely wants to be bundled up when she knows she can run free.

That's about all I know for now. It's getting late. Until then, have fun and be safe. Remember, life is short so embrace it.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

A Blurrrrrrr

The past few weeks have been crazy and quite the blur. I remember having Madison's first birthday party and then going to the hospital for a test and then sitting here wondering where the last two weeks have gone and how little I truly got accomplished. Madison's party went great! I couldn't have been more happy with how it turned out. We had a lot of family and friends come out for the big day and it made it even more special. I had been prepared for this party for months in advanced because I was so excited and sad that my little girl would be celebrating her first year with the people closest to us. We had a beautiful cake made by a friend from high school, cute decorations all throughout the house and even little tutu's and wings for the girls to wear since it was a fairy themed party. Madison did amazing on her big day. We had close to 30 people there and she wasn't fussy or cranky throughout the entire day. We worked her naps pretty good, so that she would just be waking up when people started to come over and to go back down after the main part of the party was over with. She really enjoyed eating her cake. When it came time to open presents, she didn't care too much for the presents. She was much more concerned with the tissue paper, wrapping paper, and the Popsicle that was going around. She was so very lucky to have so many presents to open up. After she opened the Winnie-the-Pooh train that she received from Great Aunt Shirley and Uncle Dave, that is all she wanted to play with. She got very upset that we took it away from her in order for her to pay attention to all of the other gifts. She received a ton of adorable outfits, books, and stuffed animals. She got 4 different riding toys that she loves to go back and forth from and see if she can get them all of make noise at the same time. Overall, everyone seemed very happy and pleased with the party. It was a relief how well it went after so much planning. I do have to give a quick Thank you to mom and dad once again for letting us have it up there.

After our trip up to Georgia for the party, we came back down to spend a little more time with Grandma and Grandpa Boone before they had to leave. I had my GI appointment that next day, as well. As most of you already know, for the past several months I have been having a lot of problems and no one seems to have a good fix to it. I was put on new medication while still taking my other medicine and given a prescription of steroids in hopes that it will calm things down long enough to make me feel better. Unfortunately, the medicine wasn't working and I was in a lot of pain again. So, the doctor put me on a stronger dose of steroids and requested that I get a few different tests done. Of course, they aren't the fun and easy tests. Anyway, the new meds and strict diet seem to be working for now. I still have to take one more test before the doctor and I can discuss any possibility of permanently getting better rather than a temporary fix. Tuesday is the big day. Luckily, I will have my mom down here to take me to and from the hospital since Jeff can not take off. It will be nice to have her down here helping with Maddie while I try to get better. Lately, it has been such a blur because all I can really think about is my stomach and how much pain I am in. I end up sleeping whenever I can to try and let my body heal.

Maddie had her first year well-baby appointment a few days ago. She is looking good. She goes from 19-20 pounds and continues to grow longer. You would think by the way that she eats that she would be a lot bigger than that. That little chunker loves to eat anything and everything. She is hilarious with food. She absolutely refuses to eat any baby solids now. She swats the spoon down every time it comes close to her, unless it has 'big girl' food on it. So, now she eats a ton of fruit, turkey dogs, sweet potatoes, and pretty much anything that we will give her. She gets really aggravated if Jeff and I are eating something and we don't give her a bite. She will scream at us and hold her hand out to get a piece. It doesn't matter what it is. She loves everything now. So, now whatever Jeff and I are having to eat, she eats it with us. There hasn't been one thing that she wouldn't eat. Tonight we had homemade lasagna and she took it down like she hadn't eaten in days. She got mad at me because I was eating a piece of garlic bread and didn't give her any to have. Since she is one now we have to transition her off of formula and switch it to whole milk. She is taking 3 steps at a time now (when she wants to of course). She gets so excited and makes herself fall... or maybe she knows how excited I am and she turns to see me. Either way, she is growing up too quickly.

Last night, after she went to bed and I was watching Teen Mom, I couldn't help but reminisce of all of her accomplishments lately and how happy she truly makes me. She is so full of life and loves to give kisses and hugs. She melts my heart by wanting to cuddle with me and just crawls up to me to give me a few kisses and then crawls off to go get into something. She always gets this huge smile on her face when she sees me and when she is doing she knows is right. I love hearing her giggle and talk when she plays. It is so much fun to watch her dance to the tunes on her riding toys when she doesn't even realize how much more I fall in love with her each time. No one will understand what it is like to love a child until they have one of their own. It is truly a miracle and blessing to have someone like her in my life. She is such a little sponge. She is in her copying and attentive stage. She watches everything I do and tries to mimic it as soon as I quit. I think back and realize that a year has already passed and before I know it she will be starting school and then dating, and getting married. I love being able to stay at home with her and spend as much time with her as I can while she still wants to hang out with me. Madison has touched Jeff's and my heart in a way she will not understand for quite some time.

The past week has been very expensive. First, our vacuum decides to stop working on us. Since that was the 2nd one in two years, we decided to just buy a really nice one that will HOPEFULLY last us 15-20 years. Second, my laptop decided that it didn't want to work anymore and stopped turning on. It was really upsetting to me because I had just downloaded Maddie's first birthday party pictures a few days prior and then deleted it off my camera since it was full. I was relieved when Jeff told me that he could get the stuff off of my hard drive, but there wouldn't be a computer to use after it. I told him I didn't care. I just wanted my pictures. Then, to top it all off, someone hit Jeff's truck IN THE FRONT OF OUR HOUSE and decided not to own up to it. All within a week. What can you do I guess...

Jeff got to go sky diving this past weekend with a friend for his birthday present. The two of them had a lot of fun. This was the first time for the both of them. Since Jeff is so tall, he couldn't do back flips out of the plane. So, he did front flips coming out while his friend did back flips. They both came back with big smiles on their faces and were already talking about planning a scuba diving trip sometime when the oil isn't a threat. Jeff was glad that he got the chance to do it, even though it wasn't with me. But, that would have never have happened because this momma is terrified of heights.

Jeff's schooling is going great. This Friday he will teach his first class. I think he is pretty excited about that other than the fact that he has a set schedule now and can't just leave when he needs to. From Friday on, if he needs some time off or has an appointment, he has to find someone to cover his class. Otherwise, he can't take leave. He always comes home and has so many different stories to tell me. I never realized how much drama could be in one school house. His schedule isn't that bad. Right now, he is working from 7-3 with an hour lunch. Friday, his new schedule will be from 6-12:30. It will be nice to have him home from lunch on each day.

Well I think that I have said enough for now. Until next time, have fun and be safe.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This past week...

Has been very hectic. I'm sure of you guys know already, I was hospitalized for a few days for a a problem that I have had for the past several months. Before I left Texas, I was admitted into the hospital for what I thought was just severe stomach spasms that I could no longer control with the medication that I was given for it. It turns out that I had a small bowel partial blockage. The doctors kind of dismissed me and said that I was "healed". Well, it didn't go away and nothing got better. I got here to Pensacola and was having more trouble. The pain finally got bad enough and I gave in and went to the ER. After a few tests, they admitted me into the hospital. I finally got the help and attention that I needed to get better. I saw the GI doctor that I was trying to get into see, but wasn't able to get in until a month and a half out. He was very knowledgeable and polite. He knew exactly what my next step should be and answered all of my questions. So, I am on new medications. That was an interesting event for me because my new medication that I am on is through a shot that I give myself. Well, it is actually two shots every two weeks. I am, also, on a a strict diet until I see him in two weeks. I have to say that since I have been out of the hospital, I feel so much better. I am trying to take it easy and stay away from people in general since my immune system is pretty much shot right now.

Maddie went into daycare while I was hospitalized. Those were the first two days of day care. They said that she did good. She played with the other kids and only cried when she saw Jeff walk back in. Unfortunately, she hasn't built a good immune system yet, so she caught a sore throat virus while she was there. I took her to the doctor yesterday and found out that she had caught the virus. Luckily, she already broke her temp. She does have a rash over her entire body since it was a viral virus that she caught and not bacterial. She is a lot more active today and rambled pretty much the entire day.

Madison loves to ramble all day long. From the minute she wakes up to the minute she goes to bed, she is talking, walking, crawling, investigating, and exploring. She loves to pull her books off of her shelf and flip through the pages and "tell the story". She loves to play with Katy when she can. She will grab Katy's toy from her and then give it back. Every now and then you will hear her laugh as she taunts Katy with her toy. Katy is so good with her. Katy will either walk away if Maddie is bothering her, move if Maddie steps on her, and give her kisses if she has some remaining milk or food on her. Katy even brings a toy to Maddie in hopes that she'll play.

Maddie's first birthday is on Saturday. EEECCCCKKKK!! I don't even know where the time has gone. It is unbelievable that in just a few short days she will be a year old. She is getting so big, so quickly. I still have to go out and get her a big girl car seat. Jeff is still in denial about the fact she will be one. I am really looking forward to her birthday party and seeing everyone. It will be nice to finally see family again since it has been so long since I have seen everyone. I am really excited about Maddie's birthday cakes. I got a few photos of some ideas and that made me so much more excited to see the cakes.

Jeff is still in training at work. Every day when he comes home from work, he has so many drama filled stories to share with me. He said that this job is going to wear him out because there is just so much drama. Some of the stories he tells me are so unbelievable that it is not something he can even make up. He is supposed to be home for lunch daily, but I never know if he'll be home for lunch or not. It really depends on how much drama he is having to deal with on that given day. He comes home and he is worn out. Other than work, he is doing good. He loves to spend as much time with Madison as he can. He loves to get cuddle time in and steal as many kisses as he can from her. He is such a great father to her.

Well, I think I have updated on the past week. Until next time--- have fun, be safe, and enjoy life.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

updated pictures

It's been way too long


I know that it's been a while since I have last updated on here, so this might be a long blog.

These past few months have been crazy. Between doctors appts, trying to hang out with friends, and moving, there wasn't much time to sit down and write. We moved to Pensacola, Fl at the end of May and are just now getting settled in. But before I tell you the present news, let me back up a bit. Maddie has been growing like a weed. She has learned to sit up for a period of time, to only wanting to sit and not laying down, to standing up against the pack-n-play, to crawling. Now, she is walking with her pink driving walker and even attempting to walk by herself. She can stand all by herself for a really long time and you can see in her face how proud she is to be doing that. She is to the point where she will take a step by herself and then fall and immediately look up to see if I was watching her. Of course, I am. She absolutely loves to feed herself and is getting to the point where she doesn't want to be fed by someone, but to pick up her own food to shovel it in her mouth. My little monkey stuffs as much food in her mouth as she can and even has food ready to go in her hands for when she is actually able to fit more. You would think that I starve her or something by the way she eats now. Looking at her, you would think I feed her too much with her adorable chunky little legs. Maddie and myself went to play dates every Wednesday while we were in San Antonio. She really enjoyed it. Each play date would be somewhere different. It would either take place at a persons house or a place that the kids could run around relatively freely and play with each other. Maddie really enjoyed those days. At first, she was rather shy and kept very close to me. She observed the first day, but after that, she was an attention hog. She would roll around into the other moms. It was, also, good for me because I actually got adult time and actually got to get out of the house other than to run some errands. Maddie is doing great with her growth and mile stones. The pacemaker did wonders for her. It works so well that we, sometimes, wish she would slow down just a tad. She is a morning girl who loves to give kisses and cuddle with me and Jeff as often as she can. She is ticklish now which is hilarious to hear her laugh. A true joy to hear! She loves to crawl around and see what she can get into and tries to put everything in her mouth (especially the dog toys when I am not looking). She will be one in less than a month and it is sad to think that the time as gone by so quickly. I was looking at some clothing for Maddie while she was up at my parents house. I was trying to find a cute little dress that she can wear for her one year pictures and family photos. Jeff got really sad when he realized how big she actually is and how not-so-small her twelve month dress is. He is absolutely adorable with her. If he could, he would spend every minute with her playing and trying to get her to cuddle with him. He adores her so much. Madison has put on a ton of weight since we have left San Antonio. Jeff and I are both convinced that it is the grandparents fault for feeding her too much while we were away. But I am sure if you ask them, they will say differently.

Anyway, we left at the end of May to come to Pensacola. Jeff will now be an instructor here for three years. He isn't too thrilled about having to actually go to work five days a week since in San Antonio he only worked three. (technically four, but since he had so many CTO days, he would take every sunday off. Therefore, he would work Monday thru Wednesday.) He does admit that he likes the fact that he doesn't have to be at work so early in the morning. The transition of moving here was such a hassle. The packers never called to tell us when they would be at the house, the movers had us waiting an entire day to say that they'll be by early the next day to pick up the boxes, and living in an empty home was so exciting. Once we got here, we went up to my parents for a while and then Jeff and I came back down to get the transition going. You would think that moving into a military house would be easy. You would be wrong. It was a hassle. We were told one thing, but told something else once we got here. We, finally, got a house after what seemed like forever. By that point, our house hold goods were already and storage and had to wait another ten days before we could get it delivered. So, Jeff and I went back up to Mom and Dad's for a little bit and came back down when Jeff had to start his schooling. We got our goods and unpacked most of the stuff and then met my parents half way to get Maddie and Katy. We are almost all of the way moved in, minus a few curtain rods still not up. Our back yard is beautiful now with all of the work that we put into it. Now, we have a huge task of trying to turn our sand filled front yard into a decent grass yard with some flowers.

Maddie's birthday is right around the corner, as I mentioned before. I thought it would be a great idea to be a super creative mom and make invites for the party. Little did I realize how hard that would actually be to make each card unique. Luckily, I got them finished and out in the mail in time. I have all of the decorations and a friend( who makes AMAZING cakes) making Maddie her first personal cake and another cake. I am really excited about that. It will be nice to catch up with the family and see them all again.

Pensacola is an okay location. There have been so many hurricanes and storms that have crossed through here that people have stopped picking up after. So, it looks really worn down and ghetto out here. I guess there is a high crime rate within ten miles of the base. We live on base, so I am not too concerned with that. It is a lot different from San Antonio. There is definitely not as many good restaurants here or a convenience of having everything with 2 miles from your house, but we don't have traffic like we did in SA. I guess there will always be pros and cons to every new location. Jeff was really excited about being able to dive here. I guess not so much right now since there is the oil spill, but eventually he will be able to... hopefully at least.

Well, I think this is long enough for now. It's late here, so I should be getting off. More to come soon and pictures, as well. Goodnight.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Red Wagon

There has been a lot that has been going on since the last time I wrote. We went to the funeral service for the baby girl. Both Jeff and I agreed that we were overwhelmed with emotions as we saw these parents have to say goodbye to their youngest child. It was scary because now having Madison, those thoughts are always with us. It showed us how lucky we are to have already had almost eight months with our baby girl and how precious time really is. We definitely walked out of there with a whole new outlook on life. As of two days ago, we are watching their dog for a week while they get out of San Antonio for a while.

Maddie finally got to take a ride in her wagon outside. I put her little hat on her and buckled her in and we were on our way- to our backyard. :) She loves to be outside in the first place, but to take a ride in her wagon was a good treat for her. I have some pictures on my phone and a few videos, but I have to figure out how to get it on here. They are pretty adorable pictures. The dogs joined in on our walk and even gave her kisses at the same time. :) and of course I have a picture of that, too.

Maddie is doing better after her surgery. She rolled over today and stayed on her stomach a lot longer than she normally has been since her surgery. She is one happy little baby. She eats well, plays a lot, and talks so much more. Her facial expressions when she tries to "talk" or really high pitch scream is hilarious. Her faces make me laugh so much because she puts so much energy into it and you can tell that she is just so proud of her "talking" accomplishment. She is still going through the attachment disorder where I can't leave her side or out of her view or else. She screams at the top of her head and will get louder and more consistent until I am back in her view. It doesn't matter if I am trying to go to the bathroom, cooking dinner, or letting Katy in. It is an adventure for sure!

Jeff is doing great. He started school this past week, so he has been very busy with his school work and his current school for work. His routine is to get up about 6, leave for his school at 7, get home about 4:30 -5, eat, and work on his AMU school work. He gets into bed between 10:30-11 and does the same thing over again. So, needless to say, he doesn't have much time to do anything else. Next week, he'll go back to work and he'll get up at 4:15 or so and get home about 5, eat, homework and bed about 10:30-11.

I have attempted to go back to the gym. We will see how long that lasts :) The weather has been beautiful here. I have had the windows and doors open and letting the beautiful weather enter the house.

As I said previously, we are dog sitting at the moment. Lambeau is a German shepherd mix, as well. They are about the same size and both energetic, so it works out great! They chase and play outside all day with a few naps in between. They pass out at night and ready to go the next morning. Lambeau does have the tendency to bark when he hears something which would normally be good, but not when Madison is down for a nap. lol.

My birthday was a few days ago. Jeff and I had plans to go out to dinner and a movie. My friend kindly volunteered to watch Madison (more like told me that she was). Well something came up, so we went and grabbed Olive Garden to-go and came home in time for him to leave. I stayed home with Madison and watched movies. On my birthday, we went to Longhorns to eat. I should have a Benihana gift certificate coming in the mail for a free mail for my birthday month.

Well, I guess I better go. Until the next time, be safe and enjoy life..


Friday, February 26, 2010

Realizing What's Important

A lot has gone on in the past few weeks. There seems to be so much bad news flying around and there isn't much to do about it. I am not talking about Madison. Maddie is doing great. She hit her two week mark today and is rolling around, eating much better, and even got to play in her jumper today. Anyway, back to the point of me writing this so late at night. On Wednesday, we found out some news that was very upsetting. Jeff's friend from work lost his little three month old baby girl. He was saying that the day before that happened, they were sharing baby stories and laughing about it. Today, we got the news that the memorial service is tomorrow and I just can't seem to get it out of my head now. That poor little girl was taken so quickly from her family and the family now has to explain to their elder daughter that her little sister is no longer with us on this on Earth and that she is with our heavenly father.

Life is so short. It should be embraced and enjoyed. There is not enough time to hold grudges. Life shouldn't be taken for granted. You should do what you love and be with who you love. There is no time to pessimistic about how you look, how the job you have isn't what you like, or how unhappy you are with things in your life. It is so easily forgotten how short life is on Earth until something like this happens and we are all, once again, reminded how precious it is.

I think back about how I don't necessarily like my body after my pregnancy and how I plan to do something about it. I planned on cutting out everything I enjoy so much and going to the gym all of the time and whatnot. These situations remind me that being "skinny" or "fat" or whatever else doesn't define you. It is all about how you live your life and your point of view on the matter. I try to remember all of this when I am having one of those " anything I put on makes me look fat" kinda days.

I think about the family who only had three months with their child and how lucky I am to have had seven months so far with Madison. I know that I take a lot of pictures of her and what we are doing, but I don't want to look back and think to myself that I wished I took pictures of that. I make sure that I get all of Madison's milestone pictures taken and maybe a few more in between professionally done. I look back at those pictures and realize how much she has already grown and it has only been seven months.

I make it a point to never go to bed mad at Jeff because you never know what's going to happen. Jeff and I's fight might possibly last five minutes, but I always make sure to talk it out shortly after and make sure that we are on the same page. At the end of every conversation with family, I always make sure that it ends with an " I love you."

I think people get so caught up in trying to look a certain way, or maintain a certain image that they don't truly enjoy life. I will admit that I am sometimes one of those people who get caught up with trying to be "cool" or whatever, but then I am humbly reminded that life needs to be enjoyed and treasured.

This sad news has been another eye opener for me. It makes me want to hold Maddie and not let her go, never let Jeff out of my arms, and to cherish my friends and family. Not look at the negative surrounding us or the "what ifs and could have" in our life.

I am so thankful for Jeff, Maddie, Katy and my family and friends.

This is probably the most scrambled and doesn't even make sense to anyone but me, but I needed to get it off of my chest. So to those who are actually reading this, please embrace the life you have and cherish the ones that surround you. Life is too short and precious to let it just slide by. Embrace the day that comes before you and know that you have done all that you can to be happy.

Before I sign off, I should say that Madison is doing great. She got to play in her jumper, which she really enjoyed, got a ride in her radio flyer wagon that she got from her grandma and grandpa Kallal and did a great job sitting straight up for a while. She is eating more and moving around so much more. She just got a toy box in the mail yesterday to store all of the toys that she got from Christmas and is now full. She is talking more and giving bigger and bigger smiles each day. She is truly a blessing and both, Jeff and I, are very thankful to have each other and her.

Well it is pretty late now and I have a long day ahead. So I am going to try to call it a night again.

Until the next time,

Have fun, be safe, and embrace life..


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hello Everyone,

As most of you know already, Madison had her surgery on February 12. We went into the hospital on the 11th so we can get her lab work done, xrays and everything else that she needed done before her surgery. She was in a good mood the entire time and didn't let the poking and prodding all over her body let her get her down. Both sets of grandparents arrived on Thursday, shortly after Maddie was admitted into the hospital. When it came time to get her IV put in, it was a hassle. They poked her several times all over her wrists and legs with no luck. Unfortunately, when she came back, which seemed like forever, she had an IV sticking out of her head. She wasn't in the happiest of moods after that, but she got better as the night went on.

Her surgery was supposed to be in early morning, but there was a baby who needed a more detailed surgery and took her place. Maddie's surgery was then set back to 2 p.m. When Madison went into surgery, she had gone about 15 hours of not eating or drinking, hardly slept, and still in a pretty good mood. She started to get a little fussy and the docs came in to give her a relaxing medicine to calm her before she went back. That was the funniest part of the entire experience. She went from a fussy baby with big wide blue eyes to her eyes half open and couldn't care less about anything.

Her surgery went great and she was recovering great! Within a day of having her surgery, she was sent on her way home to recover. We got home on Saturday and was a little sore. Sunday you wouldn't know that she ever had a major surgery. Monday she paid for all of the movement that she did on Sunday, but still did well. Each day, she got better and moved a little more.

We have had several appointments since her surgery. She does have a few side affects, but all common within babies.

Sunday was Valentines Day. We didn't do anything special because we all thought that Maddie would still be in the hospital at that point. Maddie had a cute little outfit, thanks to grandma and grandpa Kallal, and little VDay jammies, as well.

I took over 150 pictures from the time she got into the hospital until today ( 10 days later.) I took pictures of everything and made sure that I got several different shots. I plan on making a scrapbook of just this. That way, when she gets older and wants to know what happened, she will have a better understanding of what happened and how great she did.
This is Madison's first Valentines Day outfit. It was adorable. I absolutely loved it.
This is Madison eating her first piece of watermelon and strawberry. Every time she got a piece of strawberry, her face would pucker up. She really enjoyed it though. When she was finished with it, there were only seeds left.

This is Maddie with her grandpa on her first day home.
This is a picture of Madison as soon as we get home from the hospital. She wasn't liking getting in and out of her car seat, but she did well.
This is all of us leaving the hospital (minus Kayleen who jumped out of the picture)
This is minutes before Madison went back to the room.
This was taken on Thursday, the day before her surgery. She was having fun playing around.

Well, I think that this is good enough for now. I do want to say thank you to all of those who prayed for us. We are very thankful that Maddie had a successful surgery and doing great in her recovery.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Time goes by so fast

Hello Everyone,

It has almost been a month since I have last posted and so much has gone on since then. We had a wonderful Christmas together. Maddie was overwhelmed with presents and love. It took her all day to open presents in between eating and naps. She paid more attention to the tissue or wrapping paper than her actual toys or clothes. On the 23rd of December, we had a cardiology appt for Madison. We got some test results and talked with the doctor.

In January, Jeff and I celebrated our one year marriage anniversary. We canceled our trip to Germany and decided to use our two weeks to visit family. We spent 6 days in California and six days in Georgia (well 4 days since it took two days to get there and two days back). During the trip up to Cali, one of my best friends, Erica, drove up and got to see Madison for the first time. It was a great trip to see her and family members. Maddie had so much attention going on that she just didn't know what to do. She was a great traveler. She did great on the different airplanes. We had several different people comment as they were leaving. In the car on our way to GA, she did good. She slept most of the time, unless she was hungry or needed a diaper change. Katy loved on Maddie and allowed her to pull her ears and skin.

Maddie had her six month check up this month, also. She was 16 lbs and 11 oz. So, from her 4th month check up to 6 month check up, she gained about a pound and a half. We brought up some things that we were worried about and her doctor decided to contact her cardiologist. The next day we went to see her cardiology doctor and found out that it was time to put in a pacemaker. After talking to the doctors, it was decided that she will have her surgery on Friday February 12th. Both sets of grandparents are coming out while she gets her surgery and recovers in the hospital. Jeff and I are worried and stressed, but relieved because we know that the pacemaker will make her better and we do not have to watch her go down hill.

We had some visitors the past couple of days. Pam and Glyn Echols and Pam's parents' came out to see Maddie and see San Antonio. We had a great time with them and was sad to see them go. We went to the wild life safari, up to Fredericksburg, Alamo, Riverwalk and had great food.

Well Madison is up from her nap, so that would be my cue to get off and go get her. I will write more later.

Until next time,

The Boones