Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This past week...

Has been very hectic. I'm sure of you guys know already, I was hospitalized for a few days for a a problem that I have had for the past several months. Before I left Texas, I was admitted into the hospital for what I thought was just severe stomach spasms that I could no longer control with the medication that I was given for it. It turns out that I had a small bowel partial blockage. The doctors kind of dismissed me and said that I was "healed". Well, it didn't go away and nothing got better. I got here to Pensacola and was having more trouble. The pain finally got bad enough and I gave in and went to the ER. After a few tests, they admitted me into the hospital. I finally got the help and attention that I needed to get better. I saw the GI doctor that I was trying to get into see, but wasn't able to get in until a month and a half out. He was very knowledgeable and polite. He knew exactly what my next step should be and answered all of my questions. So, I am on new medications. That was an interesting event for me because my new medication that I am on is through a shot that I give myself. Well, it is actually two shots every two weeks. I am, also, on a a strict diet until I see him in two weeks. I have to say that since I have been out of the hospital, I feel so much better. I am trying to take it easy and stay away from people in general since my immune system is pretty much shot right now.

Maddie went into daycare while I was hospitalized. Those were the first two days of day care. They said that she did good. She played with the other kids and only cried when she saw Jeff walk back in. Unfortunately, she hasn't built a good immune system yet, so she caught a sore throat virus while she was there. I took her to the doctor yesterday and found out that she had caught the virus. Luckily, she already broke her temp. She does have a rash over her entire body since it was a viral virus that she caught and not bacterial. She is a lot more active today and rambled pretty much the entire day.

Madison loves to ramble all day long. From the minute she wakes up to the minute she goes to bed, she is talking, walking, crawling, investigating, and exploring. She loves to pull her books off of her shelf and flip through the pages and "tell the story". She loves to play with Katy when she can. She will grab Katy's toy from her and then give it back. Every now and then you will hear her laugh as she taunts Katy with her toy. Katy is so good with her. Katy will either walk away if Maddie is bothering her, move if Maddie steps on her, and give her kisses if she has some remaining milk or food on her. Katy even brings a toy to Maddie in hopes that she'll play.

Maddie's first birthday is on Saturday. EEECCCCKKKK!! I don't even know where the time has gone. It is unbelievable that in just a few short days she will be a year old. She is getting so big, so quickly. I still have to go out and get her a big girl car seat. Jeff is still in denial about the fact she will be one. I am really looking forward to her birthday party and seeing everyone. It will be nice to finally see family again since it has been so long since I have seen everyone. I am really excited about Maddie's birthday cakes. I got a few photos of some ideas and that made me so much more excited to see the cakes.

Jeff is still in training at work. Every day when he comes home from work, he has so many drama filled stories to share with me. He said that this job is going to wear him out because there is just so much drama. Some of the stories he tells me are so unbelievable that it is not something he can even make up. He is supposed to be home for lunch daily, but I never know if he'll be home for lunch or not. It really depends on how much drama he is having to deal with on that given day. He comes home and he is worn out. Other than work, he is doing good. He loves to spend as much time with Madison as he can. He loves to get cuddle time in and steal as many kisses as he can from her. He is such a great father to her.

Well, I think I have updated on the past week. Until next time--- have fun, be safe, and enjoy life.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

updated pictures

It's been way too long


I know that it's been a while since I have last updated on here, so this might be a long blog.

These past few months have been crazy. Between doctors appts, trying to hang out with friends, and moving, there wasn't much time to sit down and write. We moved to Pensacola, Fl at the end of May and are just now getting settled in. But before I tell you the present news, let me back up a bit. Maddie has been growing like a weed. She has learned to sit up for a period of time, to only wanting to sit and not laying down, to standing up against the pack-n-play, to crawling. Now, she is walking with her pink driving walker and even attempting to walk by herself. She can stand all by herself for a really long time and you can see in her face how proud she is to be doing that. She is to the point where she will take a step by herself and then fall and immediately look up to see if I was watching her. Of course, I am. She absolutely loves to feed herself and is getting to the point where she doesn't want to be fed by someone, but to pick up her own food to shovel it in her mouth. My little monkey stuffs as much food in her mouth as she can and even has food ready to go in her hands for when she is actually able to fit more. You would think that I starve her or something by the way she eats now. Looking at her, you would think I feed her too much with her adorable chunky little legs. Maddie and myself went to play dates every Wednesday while we were in San Antonio. She really enjoyed it. Each play date would be somewhere different. It would either take place at a persons house or a place that the kids could run around relatively freely and play with each other. Maddie really enjoyed those days. At first, she was rather shy and kept very close to me. She observed the first day, but after that, she was an attention hog. She would roll around into the other moms. It was, also, good for me because I actually got adult time and actually got to get out of the house other than to run some errands. Maddie is doing great with her growth and mile stones. The pacemaker did wonders for her. It works so well that we, sometimes, wish she would slow down just a tad. She is a morning girl who loves to give kisses and cuddle with me and Jeff as often as she can. She is ticklish now which is hilarious to hear her laugh. A true joy to hear! She loves to crawl around and see what she can get into and tries to put everything in her mouth (especially the dog toys when I am not looking). She will be one in less than a month and it is sad to think that the time as gone by so quickly. I was looking at some clothing for Maddie while she was up at my parents house. I was trying to find a cute little dress that she can wear for her one year pictures and family photos. Jeff got really sad when he realized how big she actually is and how not-so-small her twelve month dress is. He is absolutely adorable with her. If he could, he would spend every minute with her playing and trying to get her to cuddle with him. He adores her so much. Madison has put on a ton of weight since we have left San Antonio. Jeff and I are both convinced that it is the grandparents fault for feeding her too much while we were away. But I am sure if you ask them, they will say differently.

Anyway, we left at the end of May to come to Pensacola. Jeff will now be an instructor here for three years. He isn't too thrilled about having to actually go to work five days a week since in San Antonio he only worked three. (technically four, but since he had so many CTO days, he would take every sunday off. Therefore, he would work Monday thru Wednesday.) He does admit that he likes the fact that he doesn't have to be at work so early in the morning. The transition of moving here was such a hassle. The packers never called to tell us when they would be at the house, the movers had us waiting an entire day to say that they'll be by early the next day to pick up the boxes, and living in an empty home was so exciting. Once we got here, we went up to my parents for a while and then Jeff and I came back down to get the transition going. You would think that moving into a military house would be easy. You would be wrong. It was a hassle. We were told one thing, but told something else once we got here. We, finally, got a house after what seemed like forever. By that point, our house hold goods were already and storage and had to wait another ten days before we could get it delivered. So, Jeff and I went back up to Mom and Dad's for a little bit and came back down when Jeff had to start his schooling. We got our goods and unpacked most of the stuff and then met my parents half way to get Maddie and Katy. We are almost all of the way moved in, minus a few curtain rods still not up. Our back yard is beautiful now with all of the work that we put into it. Now, we have a huge task of trying to turn our sand filled front yard into a decent grass yard with some flowers.

Maddie's birthday is right around the corner, as I mentioned before. I thought it would be a great idea to be a super creative mom and make invites for the party. Little did I realize how hard that would actually be to make each card unique. Luckily, I got them finished and out in the mail in time. I have all of the decorations and a friend( who makes AMAZING cakes) making Maddie her first personal cake and another cake. I am really excited about that. It will be nice to catch up with the family and see them all again.

Pensacola is an okay location. There have been so many hurricanes and storms that have crossed through here that people have stopped picking up after. So, it looks really worn down and ghetto out here. I guess there is a high crime rate within ten miles of the base. We live on base, so I am not too concerned with that. It is a lot different from San Antonio. There is definitely not as many good restaurants here or a convenience of having everything with 2 miles from your house, but we don't have traffic like we did in SA. I guess there will always be pros and cons to every new location. Jeff was really excited about being able to dive here. I guess not so much right now since there is the oil spill, but eventually he will be able to... hopefully at least.

Well, I think this is long enough for now. It's late here, so I should be getting off. More to come soon and pictures, as well. Goodnight.