Sunday, June 26, 2016

Offutt afb

After leaving Illinois, we made our way to Offutt Air Force Base. It was our half way point to Mount Rushmore. It was about a 7 hour drive. The kids did well driving. We kept switching out movies for them, provided lots of snacks, and trading toys. Poor Jackson gets the short end of the stick. He's stuck in his car seat and doesn't get to move around like the rest of us. 

We noticed once we got to the campground that we had a cable dangling from under the camper. Once we got parked, Jeff started to investigate it. We weren't allowed to touch the truck or the camper in case it was hot and could cause damage to us. The previous stay at a campground once we left Maryland, we noticed the deal to the water house was broken. It was no big deal. We ordered another part while we were in Illinois and replaced it before we left. This time it was a wire cable! Maybe this is a sign? Haha 

While Jeff worked on the camper, I took the kids to a little park and let them run around. They had fun. I was hot and just wanted shade! Lol. Jackson found the slide and he was content after that! 

Once the camper was safe for us, we walked back over. It was time for dinner and I hadn't been able to go to the commo yet. We trucked over that way and decided to grab a bite and then do the commissary. The exchange was closed and so were the places to eat the food court. We driove over to the gas station where there was a BK. I was going to get food while Jeff filled up on gas. They had JUST closed. So we went to the commissary hungry and grabbed dinner for the next day. Then we found a chick fil a down the street OFF the base and ate there. Maddie played while we ordered and then after dinner got a shake to go. 

Once we got back, we put food away and cooked the chicken for the next day. Jeff gave Jackson a shower in the camper while Maddie and I walked over to the bathhouse to shower. We caught an awesome sunset. 

It was a little stressful with a crying baby and then finding a broken wide cable. We still haven't gotten the slide out to work, but we do know it's not from the cable. We aren't sure what the cable is from but it's a deadline. So for now, Jeff gets to hand crank the slide out. Haha. He'll be getting a good workout until we have time to look at everything. 

Enjoy the pictures I got of the day! 

Until next time... Have fun, be safe, and enjoy life 


Friday, June 24, 2016

Time with our Illinois family

Normally when we go to Illinois, we spend at least a week there. For those who don't know, my parents were high school sweethearts. Majority of my family lives there. When we go there, it is packed with lots of family and fun. We were only there for 4 days this time which was sad and made it hard to get so much time and memories in with each side of my family. We did it though! We had so much fun! 

They immediately found the toys on our first day! 

Uncle David blowing bubbles for Jackson  

Monkey in the middle. Literally! Haha 

Uncle David gave us a ride in his '67 Chevy camero ss. 

Grandma B getting to see Jackson. She hasn't seen him since he was a couple of months old. 

We got the chance to go swimming and cool down in the heat with Aunt Anne, Uncle Kenny, Ryan, Emma, Travis, and a friend of the girls. Maddie jumped off the diving board into the deep end. She thought that was the coolest thing ever. She loved being able to do what the big kids were doing. 

She adores Ryan! Ryan is so good to her, too! 

The Clan! 

Grandma K pushing Jackson around in a little American Girl wagon. Haha! He loved it though. 

When you come hang out with the Kallal's, you get a "welcome" with silly string. Haha. They got my dad last time he visited as well. 

Someone was having a hard time with the rough pack n play so Jeff came up with the idea of putting him on these and seeing how he does. He did really well, so we continued doing that until we left. 

We went bowling with the Kallal clan. Maddie did very well. She was able to keep up with the big kids in score. She found a new position after she's thrown her call thanks to Travis. I got a video of it. She was just too cute. The adults played two games. I won the second one. The kids played three games. Each of the big kids won a game. 

That evening we went to a pagaent. One of the girls friends was in the pagaent. She placed 3rd runner up. 

We brought some bean boozled games with us. The girls played it for a little bit. Jeff had to come show these girls how it was done. Haha 

This cutie right here loved being able to get into everything and getting loved on by so many. 

Of course, you can't leave Illinois without taking a selfie with grandma. She loved being able to see the kiddos. Unfortunately, Jackson wasn't always in the best mood when we were there. Hunger or sleepiness took his happiness away it seemed. 

She sure does love him! 

Here's a group pic from bowling of the kids. 

Aunt Shirley wanted to take Maddie to go see Finding Dory. We invited one of her cousins with us to go see it. We were able to see it in 3D which was really cool. It was a popular movie in the little town of jerseyville that night. We sat in the front row. It kind felt as it we were in the movie too. Maddie kept reaching out trying to touch it all. 

When I was growing up and visiting Aunt Shirley, we would always be doing crafts or baking something. I am so glad that Maddie gets to experience that as well. It will always be something that I truly appreciate and remember. 

Jackson wanted to help out too! 

She loves being in the kitchen. 

I think they had fun! 

Look how cute they turned out. :) 


These two went back and forth at getting each other, but she absolutely adores him. 

We had to get a quick picture of the kids with both of them :)

Who doesn't love bunny ears while sitting on a walker? 

Grandpa and I after sitting outside watching Ryan and Emma's all star softball game. 

Look who finally lost her very loose tooth! After making so many deals she turned out, being begged, and the endless talks of pulling it, it finally came out while she was playing with it. 

We had a lot of fun. We made so many precious memories that I know we will never forget. It was really sad to say goodbyes. I know I teared up. It's never enough time there with all of our wonderful family. 

Next stop- offutt Air Force Base to camp at our half way point to Mount Rushmore. 

Until the next post.. Have fun, be safe, and enjoy life! 


Day one of our cross country trip

Our first day on our road trip across the U.S was memorable. But I'm going to assume the whole trip will be that way in one way or another. We started a little later than we wanted to. I told Jeff the wrong amount of time we were driving, so we left later than we really should have. Oops! Minutes before I went to change Jackson's diaper, he peed all over me! But at this point, he doesn't start any new adventure or trip out with first peeing all over me! It's just tradition now! Let's hope he decides to outgrow that one soon though. Haha. Shortly after getting on the highway, we had a deer run in front of us and nearly miss is. The car next to us JUST missed it. If they had hit it, it would have been our windshield that got a chance to see it up close. Thankfully, it made it to the other side without hurting itself. 

Luckily I made sandwiches the night before, so we ate in the car. It saved us time since we didn't haven't to stop and either make or buy lunch. 

The kids did good on the trip considering they had to sit all day long. I felt bad for Jackson because he didn't get to move around like Maddie did. We got them each a DVD player so they could watch movies and keep them a little more entertained. 

For dinner, the original plan was to make a dinner at the camp site. That didn't work out though because of the timing of our start. Luckily, around dinner time I spotted an A&W. We immediately stopped and were surprised to see them serving cold mugs of rootbeer. A&W's are not easy to find now and most of the them will give you a regular fast food cup when you order a rootbeer. Not this place!! Oh man! I was taking a ride in memory lane with my cold mug of rootbeer. Maddie doesn't get to drink soda, but this time I let it slide and let her experience the goodness in a cold
Mug! How funny is it how a simple mug could change so much. 

She loved it! 

We finally made it to our campsite for the night. It was a cute little campground in wright-Patterson afb in Dayton, OH. The ground was pretty level, so we didn't have to do much to set up. We were able to leave the truck hooked up which made it easier for us the next morning. 

We let the kids walk and run around while we set up. Then, we walked to the little building that had pool, foosball, movies and games over by the lake. It was a nice peaceful evening. We heard a bullfrog at the lake. We investigated and found out where it was. The kids had fun seeing some new things. After our adventure we got the kiddos settled down and to sleep for our next early morning start. 

This was us making our way to the building with games and the lake. 

This was our camper in the evening under the moon. 

Overall, it was a good first day to our trip. It may have been longer than we planned, had some unexpected things happen, but we made it! 

I'll continue  to post here of our adventure. So if you want to keep updated, check it out here. :) 

Until next time, have fun, be safe, and enjoy life! 


Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Painting party

I held a painting party at the house and had lots of friends over to join the fun. We all had so much fun and all extremely excited over our boards we painted. All of the boards turned out great! These ladies have talent!! A friend did my second board since I was still working on my first. She did an incredible job on it! Mine wouldn't have compared. 

Anyway, Maddie really wanted to join in but there wasn't enough room. The lady who ran the party was nice enough to give her paints and a board and told her she could do it another day. Well, the lady ended up coming over again to help fix a part of my board and brought Maddie a big 'm' and her name since she wanted to do one just like mommies. She had so much fun painting it! 

Her finished board. The madison is a dark purple. 

After that, I was determined to finish the other projects that I had started but haven't had the chance to finish. I gave Kellie the paint lady my ideas. She printed them out for me and I finally got to get crafty and finish my projects. I had so much fun. I forgot how much I actually enjoy crafting. These next few are the projects I got to finish. 

The Boone sign is the one I worked on at the party. The quote board is the one my friend did for me. 

Isn't that amazing. Looks so good!! 

Enjoy! Until next time... Have fun, be safe,  and enjoy life!!