Sunday, August 30, 2009

scrapped knees

So, the past few days have been very interesting. Friday was my spa/me day. It didn't go as I had planned it, but I still had a lot of fun. The place that I wanted to get my spa package done at was booked until today (Sunday). So I said no thanks. Then I went to the place where I was going to get my hair lighted at (note: they were never busy when I had went before). They were booked the entire day. Just my luck. :) lol So, I called a friend and went where she did. Before there, I decided to make a little detour and pick up my wonderful husband and beautiful baby girl. I realized that it wasn't so much of getting a break from everything, it was more about getting to spend time with them and still accomplishing what I needed to be done. So we went and got my hair highlighted. While I was doing that, Jeff went to look for new sunglasses. Then we got me a new pair (he couldn't find a pair he liked until today), found a pair of shoes so I could have a nice pair for that night and then went home and got ready for our date night.

We dropped Madison off at Ashley's house and went to Salt Grass for dinner. It was so delicious. We planned to go bowling, but trying to get all of Madison's stuff ready, we forgot to grab socks for us. So, we decided to go putt putt. It was so much fun. Three hours passed and I was ready to get back to Madison and go home to cuddle her. Jeff had taken care of her that whole day and I didn't get to hold her until that night. I had missed it.

Although it was nice to get out and have fun, I sure missed having my little girl to hold and have around. That day was better than I thought it was going to be.

Last night we decided to go on a walk since Katy hasn't been on one in a while and she was doing so good. While we were walking, we had a little dog trail going. Two little dogs decided to join us on our walk. Three-fourths of the way home, two large dogs came charging at Katy. I was trying to get Katy away from them and then tried to get out of the way. I ended up in the middle and was tripped by one of the dogs. I fell off the sidewalk and onto the road. I had Madison in a carrier in front of me, so I fell to my side so she wouldn't get hurt. She let out a cry because she was woken up, but other than that she was fine. I, on the other hand, ended up with a nicely scrapped knee with a large lump under it, another scrapped knee ( not so bad), and scrapped arms and a few other bruises (hence the title). Jeff beat the dogs off of her and one of the dogs owners called it back and came to make sure she was OK. He offered to take her to the vet if she was hurt. He said that the dog who had originally attacked Katy was a stray who had attacked his other dog and bit one of his girls. Needless to say, my heart was racing and I was worried for my two little girls. Katy is OK. I think she was more scared than anything. She did good fighting the two dogs off. Maddie was OK. no scratches or anything. I held her close to me so nothing would happen to her. Katy ran up to me right after she got loose.

Today, I thought that we should take her to the park where I knew the owners would be there and the dogs play with each other instead of attacking each other. We grabbed dinner and took it there to eat. I couldn't eat while I was there. I watched Katy the entire time while my heart beat was racing so fast and I was shaking. I was so scared from last night I pretty much stalked my little "big" girl. Every time a dog would come up to our table there, She would run up to us and get in front of us, as if she was protecting us from them. My guard dog! :) She never used to do that before last night. So, I know that she was protecting Maddie.

We have so many loose dogs around our area. Most of them are nice and just want to play with Katy. But there are some that are so aggressive and out to kill. Tomorrow, I plan on calling and making a complaint about the insane amount of stray dogs on the streets and how it is so unsafe for children and people who actually try to walk their dogs on a leash like they are supposed to.

I am proud to say that Madison is now sleeping 7 hours at night at once. Thank God. It is so nice to get a couple more hours of sleep. I don't feel tired at all now. She seems to do really good on that schedule, too. Now if only we can keep her on it and eventually get it longer as she grows older. She is starting to actually look at us now and trying to see us and not past us. She is also smiling a lot more. Of course, I never have my camera around when she does it though. I will keep trying. We, also, decided that we would put her in her crib during the day when she lays down to sleep. That way she can get used to her crib and won't be so freaked out when it comes time her to be in it all of the time. She did really good. She slept until she woke up and wanted to eat.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

6 weeks

Madison turns 6 weeks in 2 days (Friday). It is crazy to think that she is already 6 weeks old. she is getting so big. Some of her clothes are getting too small for her and some of her socks are falling off her feet. I am curious in seeing how much she weighs and how long she is. She has an appointment on Friday, so I am hoping to find out then.

Friday is my "day off". Jeff is watching her while I have a spa day and then get my hair done. He is going to get up and take her to the doctors appt and I have strict rules stating that I'm not allowed to go. I get to sleep in and then start my day. I have to admit that I am pretty excited for this day off. I can definitely use it and will enjoy every minute of it. Friday night is Jeff's and my date night. Ashley said that she would love to babysit that night so we can have an adult night out.

Jeff leaves Tuesday until Saturday for Maryland. Then a week will go by and then Madison and I are on our way to GA and then to Illinois. I am very excited to go and see my parents and relatives. Especially excited to surprise my grandma by showing up to her house. But I do have to say that I really wish Jeff could go with us. :(

Katy is doing really good with Madison. Katy is like her guard dog. She is always watching out for her and making sure she is ok. Anywhere Madison is, so is Katy. Katy softly lays her toys on Madison and just sits in front of her. I just laugh and have to explain that Maddie can't play with her yet. Shes gonna have to wait a while.

Being a new mom really makes you appreciate youre mother so much more. I was talking to a friend last night who has a son who is about 2 months older than Madison and we both agreed that we appreciate our mothers so much more and now understand their reasoning for so many things. We especially appreciate and gives props to single mother or to those military wives so raise their kids alone half of the time while the fathers are deployed.

Talking about learning new things, the love that you have for your child is unbelievable. You always hear parents trying to explain the love that you will have for your children and how its unbelievable. They always have a hard time explaining it and I, now, see why. I tried to explain the love to a friend who is having a little girl in October. I sat there and tried to explain it and I couldn't. I told her she would know what I'm talking about as soon as she sees her little girl for the first time. The love that you have for your own child is incredible.

I have my 6 week check up on Tuesday. I am hoping to get the clearance to start going to the gym so I can lose the last of my baby weight. Thanks to Madison, I know eat a lot better, take better care of myself, and try to do the best that I can. I have to be a good example now and can not be a hypocrite.

Well I think I have written enough. Until then, enjoy life and take care.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

funny photos that i have to share on here but not facebook!

This one is when she was laying on me. I thought it was funny.. she is already getting her poses set.
This is another picture of many that I took. I thought it was funny.
I was trying to take pictures of her in her new dress for ya'll and she started posing....
This ended up being one of the pictures that I thought was priceless. I showed Jeff and he thought that I had posed her this way. I did not, she was moving around and she just ended up posing this way for the camera.

Over the past few days, I have taken a lot of different pictures of Madison. I caught some really good ones and then some really funny ones. Just as a note, I did not pose her in any of these pictures, she was doing this on her own. :) I hope ya'll enjoyed this pictures. These will not be seen on Facebook. more to come later on

loves and hugs,
Jeff, Lori, Madison, and Katy

Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Photos

This is our wall full of new photos and our frames. Jeff did a pretty good job i think.
This is Madison's first photos. In the picture it looks like she has no hair up front.. she does.. it is just pushed back by the white band.. :)
She doesnt mind her carseat at all. and she absolutely loves her hands up by her head and chest
That's our baby girl! :)

1st month

Madison is now a month old. That month has passed so quickly. I can't believe that she is a month old already. This past week we went and got her first pictures done and our first family photos (minus the preggo pictures that we took together). The pictures turned out really good. I was really happy with what we got. We took them when she was 3 weeks old and got them back on Friday. We went frame shopping and Jeff already got them in the frames and up on the wall. I have photos, but my camera is charging right now, so I will have to post them later on. Our wall looks really good.

One night Madison needed a bath and usually daddy gives her one. This time, he was already in bed, so I thought I would go ahead and give her one. I started giving her a bath and she fussed the whole time. I guess I just don't have daddy's gentle touch. ha ha... The baths will have to be given by dad I guess. I think he was happy to hear that she enjoys his baths more than me.

Other than getting our pictures and frames, not much else exciting has happened. I did buy my ticket to go to GA and IL for 2 1/2 weeks with Madison. So it is official now. I will be flying out on the 12th of september and flying home on the 30th. It will be really interesting to see how it goes with the airport and just me lugging around everything and Madison. :) But im up for the challenge. I am excited to get back and see my parents and family up in Illinois.

Jeff is going up to Maryland for work the first week of September. So for the entire month, we will only see eachother for a week.

Madison loves to be in her bouncer and her boppy. when we are in the living room, we put her in her bouncer and she looks at the little mobile of tigger, pooh and the honey pot. We put batteries in it yesterday so now it vibrates and sings. she really enjoys it now. she goes to sleep until the music stops. She loves her boppy that her Great Aunt Tracy made her. She falls right asleep if shes tired or looks around for ever. She likes to be sitting up now, so she can look around and try and focus on things. She no longer likes to be laying down, unless there is a mobile in her vision way.

Mom and Aunt Tracy got me into farmtown on facebook. It actually gives me something to do while everyone else is sleeping or im bored and have nothing to do during the day... Thats all im saying about that.. lol.

Well i guess that is it for now. Thats the latest update as of now. Ill get on again and post some pictures.

Sunday, August 9, 2009


Hello again,

For all of those who are obsessed (hehe) with Madison, you can keep up with her new photos at ... you can find us at you will see all of our photos. i will be posting new ones on there and not as many on facebook anymore. If this does not work, let me know. :) thank you.. and enjoy the pictures

Saturday, August 8, 2009


Hello everyone,

Jeff and I have decided to start a blog, so everyone can keep updated with us and little Madison. Facebook is good, but I am sure that my friends dont want to see daily pictures of Madison. So from this time on, check here for new pictures and updates of what we have been up to.

For those of you who have not heard yet, Jeff reenlisted for another 4 years on August 4, 2009. We have orders for Pensacola, Florida and Jeff has to report there on May 18, 2010. We will be leaving San Antonio at the end of April- beginning of May. Jeff will be an instructor there. He thinks it will be long hours, but atleast i know that he'll be there and not deploying. We are looking forward to moving. We will be about 5-6 hours away from my parents, close to a beach, and closer to family in general. We are just hoping for no hurricanes... or atleast not as many or bad ones. So anyone who would like to get a visit in here in san antonio and wants free place to stay, its time to get it in. :)

Madison is now three weeks old. We went to JCPenny's yesterday and got her first photos done and our first family pictures. We got some really cute ones of her and are really excited to get them back. She is doing really good. She is already using her muscles to try and get herself up. She pushed her butt off the ground today. I guess its only time until she is up and walking around. Already trying to be independent. haha. Her face gets more defined as each day passes and she looks more and more like Jeff as they pass. She loves to be in her boppy and in her bouncer. She is starting to focus in on her little mobile on her bouncer. She wants to eat about every 3-4 hours now. She is getting in a better routine.

My incision is getting a lot better. It is almost closed up now. Jeff still has to play doctor until its completely closed, but he doesn't mind it at all. He is so used to it now that it is just a routine to him and only takes a minute.

Well I guess that's about it for now.