Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Painting party

I held a painting party at the house and had lots of friends over to join the fun. We all had so much fun and all extremely excited over our boards we painted. All of the boards turned out great! These ladies have talent!! A friend did my second board since I was still working on my first. She did an incredible job on it! Mine wouldn't have compared. 

Anyway, Maddie really wanted to join in but there wasn't enough room. The lady who ran the party was nice enough to give her paints and a board and told her she could do it another day. Well, the lady ended up coming over again to help fix a part of my board and brought Maddie a big 'm' and her name since she wanted to do one just like mommies. She had so much fun painting it! 

Her finished board. The madison is a dark purple. 

After that, I was determined to finish the other projects that I had started but haven't had the chance to finish. I gave Kellie the paint lady my ideas. She printed them out for me and I finally got to get crafty and finish my projects. I had so much fun. I forgot how much I actually enjoy crafting. These next few are the projects I got to finish. 

The Boone sign is the one I worked on at the party. The quote board is the one my friend did for me. 

Isn't that amazing. Looks so good!! 

Enjoy! Until next time... Have fun, be safe,  and enjoy life!! 


New York pictures.

First time on the sub for all of us! 

On our way to see Lady Liberty 


Finally got Maddie to NYC to see her! 

Our sunset on the way home 

Passed out!!