Sunday, July 17, 2011

Maddie's TWO!!!!

Can anyone tell me where the time has gone? Is my baby really two? I can't believe it! It doesn't seem that long ago that I was getting ready to have her and was feeling rushed with feelings and here I find myself almost in the exact same position two years later. Time does really fly by when you're having fun.

Yesterday, we had Maddie's birthday party (the 16th). We wanted my parents to be there to help celebrate, so we chose the day before so They could be here for that. It was a great turn out! Maddie is currently obsessed with Elmo ( or melmo if you ask her). So, it was an obvious choice on what theme we were doing this year. I had gotten little red tin buckets to put the food in, the basic colors for streamers and balloons and a few other colors as well, and a few Elmo balloons just for her! Mom and dad brought their three crock pot set and brought the supplies for a nacho bar! ( Huge success by the way). We had our friends come over and even though the rain decided to show up and ruin the bounce house, the kids still played with the slip and slide. We played Elmo bingo that I made for them and Elmo says. The kids loved getting to play that and I am pretty sure winning a toy didn't hurt either. I made a variety of cupcakes, so everyone got to pick which on they wanted. Maddie had a lot of fun getting to play with everyone and getting lots of new toys. She chowed down on some food and loved the icing I made for the cupcakes. My parents, Jeff, and I all got sesame shirts to help the celebration and Maddie even had an Elmo shirt on. Mom and I wore an Elmo shirt. Dad wore an Oscar the Grouch shirt and Jeff wore Cookie Monster (known as Cookie to Maddie). I have some pictures, but I will have to post them later. Everyone in the house is asleep and the camera cord is in the guest room. Overall, I think everyone had a great time and had a good choice of food to choose from. It definitely looked like a party when you walk into the house which is exactly what I wanted. I had so much fun preparing for this party and being able to create it all. 

It's sad to think that Maddie is already two and that soon she will be starting school and I won't be a cool mom soon!  Why can't they stay small??

Anyway, since I have been off of here for so long, I will give you all an update on what has been going on. We made a trip out to California to see Jeff's side of the family. We stayed for a week and had a lot of fun. Maddie was beyond spoiled there with all of the attention from her cousins, aunts, and uncles. She didn't know what to do at first. We, also, had the chance to go down to San Francisco for a Giant's baseball game. This was the first time I had been there (other than when I was a baby). So, I was rather excited. Maddie stayed with Jeff's family while we made it a day trip. We stopped by the Fisherman's wharf, took a boat tour of the bridge and Alcatraz, and caught a glimpse of a few seals. We walked to the game a little early and watched them practice. It was so much fun to get away and do something fun.

Maddie is doing so well in speech. She is saying so many more words and actually moving her lips and tongue without a problem now. Her therapist informed us that she may not have to go much longer because she is doing so great! It's a happy/sad situation. Maddie enjoys going, but it will sure be nice not to have to wake up so early and go.

Jeff went to Sgt's course for 7 weeks. He left the week before Easter and and returned the second week of June. We met half-way at my parents house and all spent Easter together. It was good for Maddie to see Jeff and all of us get to spend the holiday together. Maddie had a great time looking for eggs and her baskets(one from us and one from Mimi and PopPop). We took almost two weeks and went up and spent some time with my parents and then made a weekend trip up to see Jeff. Maddie was beyond excited to see him. I wasn't allowed to do anything. Jeff had to do it all. She enjoyed being able to get in the pool with Poppop in the evenings and getting into everything else during the day. We even made it to a farm and got to play with some bunnies, goats, and a donkey. I, also, got to go blueberry picking for the first time and picked a large amount of blueberries which didn't last that long with Maddie around.

I will post the pictures sometime soon. Until then, I should try and get some sleep. Until next time, have fun and be safe!