Friday, June 24, 2016

Day one of our cross country trip

Our first day on our road trip across the U.S was memorable. But I'm going to assume the whole trip will be that way in one way or another. We started a little later than we wanted to. I told Jeff the wrong amount of time we were driving, so we left later than we really should have. Oops! Minutes before I went to change Jackson's diaper, he peed all over me! But at this point, he doesn't start any new adventure or trip out with first peeing all over me! It's just tradition now! Let's hope he decides to outgrow that one soon though. Haha. Shortly after getting on the highway, we had a deer run in front of us and nearly miss is. The car next to us JUST missed it. If they had hit it, it would have been our windshield that got a chance to see it up close. Thankfully, it made it to the other side without hurting itself. 

Luckily I made sandwiches the night before, so we ate in the car. It saved us time since we didn't haven't to stop and either make or buy lunch. 

The kids did good on the trip considering they had to sit all day long. I felt bad for Jackson because he didn't get to move around like Maddie did. We got them each a DVD player so they could watch movies and keep them a little more entertained. 

For dinner, the original plan was to make a dinner at the camp site. That didn't work out though because of the timing of our start. Luckily, around dinner time I spotted an A&W. We immediately stopped and were surprised to see them serving cold mugs of rootbeer. A&W's are not easy to find now and most of the them will give you a regular fast food cup when you order a rootbeer. Not this place!! Oh man! I was taking a ride in memory lane with my cold mug of rootbeer. Maddie doesn't get to drink soda, but this time I let it slide and let her experience the goodness in a cold
Mug! How funny is it how a simple mug could change so much. 

She loved it! 

We finally made it to our campsite for the night. It was a cute little campground in wright-Patterson afb in Dayton, OH. The ground was pretty level, so we didn't have to do much to set up. We were able to leave the truck hooked up which made it easier for us the next morning. 

We let the kids walk and run around while we set up. Then, we walked to the little building that had pool, foosball, movies and games over by the lake. It was a nice peaceful evening. We heard a bullfrog at the lake. We investigated and found out where it was. The kids had fun seeing some new things. After our adventure we got the kiddos settled down and to sleep for our next early morning start. 

This was us making our way to the building with games and the lake. 

This was our camper in the evening under the moon. 

Overall, it was a good first day to our trip. It may have been longer than we planned, had some unexpected things happen, but we made it! 

I'll continue  to post here of our adventure. So if you want to keep updated, check it out here. :) 

Until next time, have fun, be safe, and enjoy life! 


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