Sunday, June 26, 2016

Offutt afb

After leaving Illinois, we made our way to Offutt Air Force Base. It was our half way point to Mount Rushmore. It was about a 7 hour drive. The kids did well driving. We kept switching out movies for them, provided lots of snacks, and trading toys. Poor Jackson gets the short end of the stick. He's stuck in his car seat and doesn't get to move around like the rest of us. 

We noticed once we got to the campground that we had a cable dangling from under the camper. Once we got parked, Jeff started to investigate it. We weren't allowed to touch the truck or the camper in case it was hot and could cause damage to us. The previous stay at a campground once we left Maryland, we noticed the deal to the water house was broken. It was no big deal. We ordered another part while we were in Illinois and replaced it before we left. This time it was a wire cable! Maybe this is a sign? Haha 

While Jeff worked on the camper, I took the kids to a little park and let them run around. They had fun. I was hot and just wanted shade! Lol. Jackson found the slide and he was content after that! 

Once the camper was safe for us, we walked back over. It was time for dinner and I hadn't been able to go to the commo yet. We trucked over that way and decided to grab a bite and then do the commissary. The exchange was closed and so were the places to eat the food court. We driove over to the gas station where there was a BK. I was going to get food while Jeff filled up on gas. They had JUST closed. So we went to the commissary hungry and grabbed dinner for the next day. Then we found a chick fil a down the street OFF the base and ate there. Maddie played while we ordered and then after dinner got a shake to go. 

Once we got back, we put food away and cooked the chicken for the next day. Jeff gave Jackson a shower in the camper while Maddie and I walked over to the bathhouse to shower. We caught an awesome sunset. 

It was a little stressful with a crying baby and then finding a broken wide cable. We still haven't gotten the slide out to work, but we do know it's not from the cable. We aren't sure what the cable is from but it's a deadline. So for now, Jeff gets to hand crank the slide out. Haha. He'll be getting a good workout until we have time to look at everything. 

Enjoy the pictures I got of the day! 

Until next time... Have fun, be safe, and enjoy life 


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